Friday, 14 September 2012

Outdoor learning

The weather has been great this week!  Lucky us.  At the moment we are working on basic number skills. One of my groups went outside in maths to find hidden number cards and then had to make human number lines.  Another found hidden compare bears and had to count how many they found.  We then take photos as evidence of their work.
But of course maths isn't the only thing we do outside.  We are learning about the senses and poetry.  So this week we have gone outside to find signs of Autumn and collected them in and displayed our finds on trays.  We made smell pots, which involves finding things that smell and picking them from around the school grounds.  We are lucky at my school as we have a sensory garden, veggie patch and fruit trees.  We also did a listening walk for sense of hearing in the outdoor meadow.  The children even heard some insects.  To explore the sense of touch we used this hand template (you can find it on my pinterest board)  and found the textures outdoors.  What have you been doing outside this week?

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