Saturday, 31 March 2012


  • label hula hoops with different numbers, children can throw bean bags into two different hoops and add the totals on mini-white boards or clipboards
  • give the children a total and have them work in pairs to stand in the hoops that show the number bond
  • use cones or number tiles, ask the children to double a number and stand behind the answer and of course this works the same for finding halves or quarters

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Data Handling

Collecting Data

  • go out to the staff car park and fill out a tally chart about the colours of cars
  • make a pictogram about shoe size, by having children take off their shoes and put them in the pictogram

  • use hula hoops to create Venn Diagrams
  • get the children to sort themselves by eye colour, hair colour etc by standing into the hoops

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Number Work

Hide & Find:   this game can be played in many different ways
  • hide large number cards around your outdoor area
  • ask the children to find 1 number card each and return, you can then ask them questions about their number or to tell you something about their number
  • ask the children to find a number that is less than or greater than
  • ask the children to find a number that has a specific number units/tens
  • peg up the cards onto a washing line in ascending/descending order
Hide & Find Dominoes:
  • hide dominoes (I use large foam ones)
  • on return ask children to stand up if they have more than 5 spots on their domino
  • balance on one leg if you have less than 4 spots

Hide & Find Treasure:
  • hide treasure of any sort 
  • when the children return ask them to count how many pieces they have found (extend by counting in 2's or 5's)
  • can they estimate how much treasure they have before counting
  • who has the most/least?
  • if you give one of your pieces away, how much will you have?
  • how can we sort our treasure (colour, size, shape)

Hundred Square

  • get the children to chalk out a hundred square
  • use your painted hundred square or a giant hundred square mat
  • ask the children to cover the even numbers with red bean bags
  • find all the multiples of 3, 5, 10 etc


Welcome to Outdoor Maths!  I created this blog to help link together ideas for teaching maths outdoors.  Feel free to comment and add your own ideas.