Saturday, 23 June 2012

What else do we do outdoors?

Not much maths outside lately, due to poor weather.  So I thought I'd blog about other things we get up to outdoors.  Recently we investigated magnets and on day one we stayed indoors and I let the children try out everything in the magnet box for a bit of self discovery.  The next day though we were focusing on what materials magnets are attracted to, so I gave every pupil a horseshoe magnet and sent them onto the playground.  Before they went out they told me what things they predicted would be magnetic.  It was great, they ran about testing everything!  After they came in and wrote down what they had found out.  One child even said maybe there are some metals that are not magnetic.  So a great child led investigation, where I supplied no answers, just the opportunities and much more fun than staying indoors!

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